Simrit Kaur: Imagine If the Aurora Borealis Could Sing

The Vocalist and songwriter Simrit Kaur, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South, is one of these artists.     Her music and artistry, which have attracted fans such as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s, is known for its depth, haunting beauty, edge, and psychedelic atmosphere. Drawing on the harmonic beauty and melodic sensibilities of the ancient Byzantine, Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, adding the pulse of the West African drum traditions she studied, and fused with her training in piano and vocals from different traditions, Simrit and her band tease out distinct facets of mystical poetry and the intimate ardors of the spirit. Over the last several years they have created waves with packed theaters and concert halls, chart-topping albums, and raving fans that have powered a palpable musical movement. Simrit Kaur is a Renaissance woman who is the CEO of her independent record label, SIMRIT KAUR MUSIC, and she has topped World Music Charts including iTunes at #1 for consecutive weeks at a time, many times over, and Billboard Music’s top 5 and 10 with her last four consecutive releases. Simrit’s unique sound and artistic contributions have inspired and pushed the boundaries of world and chant music into new places, throwing off old conventions. She mixes distilled philosophical statements with ethereal and hooky arrangements, turns 16th-century Gurmukhi poetry into hypnotically grooving songs, develops anthemic melodies and feels, and creates epic soundscapes threaded with mantras. She brings the depth of the sacred and ancient to the modern.   An Interview with Simrit Kaur: Imagine If the Aurora Borealis Could Sing Interview By Liane Buck We sat with Simirt to discuss Ancient Mystic Wisdom, numinous poetry, and all the spiritual nuances of her musical Universe. OMTIMES: Simrit, you are…

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