February 27, 2024

<aWhere Are We Going?

Where Are We Going? This truly represents itself. Some individuals really feel Privileged.[wp-stealth-ads rows=”1″] What Have We Come To?[wp-stealth-ads rows=”1″]

Reverse Racism?

Contrary bigotry is a term utilized to mean it out offers of discrimination as well as bias committed by racial minorities or traditionally suppressed social …

Nuclear War in 2017?

A nuclear holocaust or nuclear armageddon is an academic situation entailing prevalent devastation as well as contaminated results triggering the collapse of people, with making …

Institutional Racism In America!

Institutional bigotry (additionally called institutionalized bigotry) is a type of bigotry showed in the method of political and also friendly facilities. Institutional bigotry is likewise …

8th-graders from New Jersey refused to be photographed with Paul Ryan

All I can say is ouch! The good new is maybe the youth will see the need to change the process! We can only Hope!

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