About Me

The Beginning of Spilt-Milk.net

My story is a simple one.

Graduated from college, moved back home and after 2 glorious weeks of bliss. My mother killed it by saying, go here fill out an application and Get A Job!

My first major change event in my life. (Actually not the first, but the story has to start somewhere.)

So a strange thing happened I went down, took the dummy test and became a Medicare Claims Examiner trainee. I started out in corporate America at 25 fresh out of college. (OK so I wasn’t a genius.)

No problem, I thought, I’ll just work for the summer save some money and quit this dumb job and go do something fun with my life.

That was a thirteen year long summer. So like any ambitious educated dummy fresh out of college I worked my way up the food change.

All was good, then something happened. The Company had a big meeting said they were moving out of the state and so was my job.

Say What! Seven more years I got twenty I can retire and sit on my rear end.

So began my next change, I had to find a new Job!
• Oh! That with a pregnant wife (with her own career by the way)
• an almost three year old
• an un-cooperative X, who is going to fight us if we want to take my step-daughter with us
• and no money for a custody lawyer.
• Remember the wife that also has a career, well about this time she gets a promotional offer.

Wow! Another Change moment!

So we took the job tour to Missouri, evaluated my job offer, looked at all our factors and took my wife’s promotion and moved to a small Central California town.

I was able to get a job with a major corporation in that city after a brief unemployment period, and worked there for 11 years. All was great, like a dummy I worked my way up the food chain again and then WHAM!

Another big meeting that introduced a new word into our vocabulary “Transition” Do we see a pattern here? What the heck!

Looks like another Change moment.

In Corporate English “Transition” means we are downsizing, closing offices, your job is moving and hold on to you BUTTS!

You know what happened next!

So three jobs later, two kids in college, still believing in the American Dream (I already said I wasn’t a genius) this is my latest Change here at fifty something, with Spilt-Milk.net!

I’m personally tired of always going through these Change moments with nowhere to turn. So I created Spilt-Milk.net for people like me.

Who realized you can’t Cry over Spilt-Milk.net

So as we bring life to this place, my goal is for us to build a community, where we can come together, to openly share experiences and offer mutual support as we struggle through Changes in this chaos we call life.