Dune 2 Just Spoiled One of Its Top Secret Characters

This Dune article contains spoilers. After ingesting the Spice Melange, Guild Navigators working for CHOAM gain precognitive abilities, allowing them to chart paths for interstellar space travel, making Arrakis, the only source of Spice, the most important planet in the galaxy. Such is the premise of Frank Herbert‘s Dune novels, which inspired the 2021 blockbuster […]

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All hell broke loose earlier this month when The Verge broke the story that Xbox was preparing to re-release first-party exclusives on the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Among the games rumored to go third-party were last year’s biggest Xbox exclusive, Bethesda’s Starfield, and upcoming big-budget action-adventure title Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. There were even rumors that Gears of War, a long-running franchise synonymous with the Xbox brand, would make the jump to the PS5.

This of course sent some in the Xbox community into a panicked frenzy, including a group of Xbox influencers who announced they were quitting the platform altogether and posting pictures of them trading in their Series X. For less dramatic but still concerned fans of the platform, the worry was that by ending the exclusivity of its biggest titles on Xbox consoles, the company was effectively giving up on the Xbox Series X/S and moving away from making new hardware altogether.

It took days for Xbox leadership to respond to the rumors, but they finally did in a special podcast update this week. The 20-min panel included Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Xbox president Sarah Bond, Xbox Game Studios chief Matt Booty. During the episode, Spencer confirmed that four games would be released on third-party consoles in the near future, as part of a new strategy to grow certain Xbox titles beyond Xbox platforms and help them find new audiences.

Which Xbox Exclusives Are Going to PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

While Spencer stopped short of revealing which four games Xbox will be porting to PlayStation and/or the Switch, but both The Verge and Stephen Totilo’s excellent Game File newsletter report that the four games are Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. We don’t officia

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