Uncovering Spirituality

The word Spirituality conjures up visions of meditating hippies chanting barefoot in unison, (omg I’m that old) or perhaps the soft-spoken friar.

Many of us have a per-defined view of what spirituality is but how can we define it properly?

So exactly what is spirituality?

This is often a confused word, for many of us. How can we define spirituality? Being aware that we are spirit?

I feel that an initial step in uncovering spirituality is to start by looking within ourselves, our hearts.

Spirituality is the idea that we can look to be guided from within our being, by listening to our spirit, which is in tune with, and part of the whole of spirit.

Spirituality is, in the most basic sense, matters pertaining to the spirit. Some of us believe that there exists something, be it a state of mind, a being, or a place, that is outside the experience of our five limited senses.

I believe that spirituality is a personal relationship of an individual. Is spirituality a goal of achieving understanding, improved relationships with the sacred, an association with something greater?

I believe all of us are spirits – energies connected with one another and comprising the whole spirit.

Everything that is, exists within the entire energy, we are all a part of it, and our connection with the divine source can never be severed.

Unless we want it so.

The spirit is ever close, never far and always connected to us, for it is us.

We are divine beings having physical experiences, and not solely physical beings living a temporary life.

Those that choose to believe we are imperfect and lacking are living life and looking outward, spirituality looks inward and needs nothing, but to know the truth of who we are.

This is a path that few of us understand or a state any of us rarely achieve.

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