The Positives of Getting Back With An Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

We have all been guilty of stalking our ex on Facebook at some point or another.

It brings back all those wonderful memories and we secretly think about getting back with them.

Then, reality strikes and we panic.

We feel guilty for thinking this way, especially if either of you are dating someone else. But maybe these thoughts are not so bad after all?

If you have recently broken up with your ex, you probably feel like the same passion and chemistry can not happen with anyone else.

There is a reason behind every thought that comes to your head

Here are some reasons why you need to need to embrace the “should I get back with my ex” feeling:

It is a familiar street: As human beings, we all embrace comfort and certainty. It feels great when you find things to be familiar.

Both of you already know so much about each other – likes and dislikes. You know how to cheer each other up, how to excite each other, each other’s routines, habits and so much more.

It feels great to hang out with a person who knows you in and out – even those moments of silence speak a lot with them.

Committing mistakes is only human

We have all messed up at some point in life, but we all get a second chance.

If you and your ex failed to understand each other on the first occasion, it is not the end of your connection.

You can get back if you still have feelings for each other.

Only this time make sure that you do not repeat last time’s mistakes.

Both of you have grown as individuals

When you break-up it leads to soul searching – you question your principles, your actions, your attitude and what went wrong.

You have time think if you were you too possessive or maybe you didn’t give enough space to your partner, etc.

Both of you have grown and matured since the last time you dated, maybe it is time to considering getting your ex back.

If time has brought the two of you together again after you previously fell-out, it means you are meant to be and its time to try again.

The two of you are meant to be together

Remember Ross and Rachel from the TV show Friends. They messed around for a while, but eventually ended up being together.

Throughout the various seasons of the show, it always felt like they were meant to be together and so finally gave it a try.

If the universe has conspired to bring you face to face with your ex, then there is a definite reason.

Do you feel that there is still a spark between the two of you?

If yes, then, getting back should be for the best of both of you.

We all like familiarity, however, try to defy our hearts with logic.

Love is absurd yet the most fulfilling emotion in the world.

Now that circumstances have brought you in face with your past, “Should I Get Back with My Ex” is not the worst question to ask.

Make sure you resolve all the problems you encountered in the relationship on the previous occasion.

Getting back is a huge step and can be intimidating – do it for the right reasons and be clear about your expectations upfront with your partner.


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