The Meanings We Create

Today’s topic explores the meanings we create.  Meanings could also be called; underlying assumptions, norms, or beliefs.

In fact, every incidence of behavior has a root in some assumption we hold to be true.

Creating meaning can apply to both healthy and unhealthily thinking.  Studies have shown that using less negative terms in stressful situations improves overall morale.

Conversely, research shown that people are able to identify constructive meanings tends to improve.

The use of certain words can cause feelings of being judged, or criticized and can trigger defensiveness.

Creating Meaning conveys the active of people’s interpretation and it’s an everyday term.

Fulfillment, happiness, sense. To truly be fulfilled in life, we need to experience pleasure, we should do things that we think it is useful, and we should have in our lives meaning.

Many of as we experience a radical change in our lives, divorce, children leaving home, retirement, we begin to ask is there more in life.

So it could be a decisive feeling when we actually live for years with and through others. When we finally get time for ourselves, we do not know what to do with it.

We are so used to spending every second on what’s next, “to do” list,  who thinks what, even if you think you have time, do not know what you want to do with it.

Over the years, we somehow lose the sense of who we are, what we most relate to and what we wanted to be.

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