All I can say is, thank GOD it’s my home!

I been fortunate enough to get through High School, College, married with children, ya, de, ya de, da

I actually was a Boy Scout, and I went to a National Jamboree in Idaho.

I was very young.  I remember I was very young, because my father was still alive. I miss my dad.

Anyway a National Jamboree was a gathering of Boy Scout Troops from across the Nation.

We organized by state and we all had to create archways into our campsites that represented us. So we made this huge black papier–mâché cast iron pot.

On the outside in big with letters we painted The Melting Pot as our motto. Easy to say representing the entire state of California was very devised.

This was in the sixties. We have to pass on history! Because of the sacrifices that were made then, there is a today!

Isn’t that what makes America great! Our Diversity? Oops , my bad, I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

Recent items I want to pass on:
Technology , instant this, that and the scourge of the earth Selfies!!!

Is egocentric the future?  Oh yes, oops I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

We all just watched you made a tackle, can you just go back to the huddle?  Don’t they feel idiots  after all that “Watch Me”for ONE PLAY  and then you lose the game?

Really, save the dance for the party after!  Back in the day win or lose there was always a party!

The Academy of Awards.  The Academy? The Academy of? Awards?

44 slots and NO ONE IS WORTHY?

Watch Bessie and tell me Queen Latifah  doesn’t at least deserve a nomination!!!

Really! Oh yes, oops I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

Be good to yourselves, love your families, enjoy the madness!!

Got to see this movie: .
What more can I say got to see this movie.

Have You Seen Some Of These Faces of Stress?

Stress affects each individual differently, according to the cause and its effects. Therefore, there are different kinds of stress as recognized by clinical and research studies.

It is important for us as individuals to recognize the causes of stress in order for us to be able to deal with it, and hopefully reduce our stress.

We’re only going to talk about four types of stress: acute stress, episodic acute stress, chronic stress, and psychological stress.

Acute Stress

Acute stress arguably the most common form of stress, which can result from the pressures we are subjected to in their everyday life. In small doses of acute stress, it can actually be beneficial to an individual. Think of athletes that are about to compete in an event.

They experience acute stress, which triggers the production of adrenaline and gives them a burst of energy needed to perform their best. The symptoms for this type of stress are easily recognizable and mostly affects a person only in a short-term. Common symptoms include back or neck pain, muscular tensions, headache, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, cold hands or feet.

Episodic Acute Stress

Episodic Acute Stress, as mentioned above, acute stress is quite common to most people.

However, there are a few others who experience it more often than others. These people are the ones who are so focused on achieving organization and yet always fail when it comes to performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that they often become irritable, if not with themselves than their initial environment. T

his also explains why they find the workplace quite a stressful environment. Other forms of episodic acute stress are those people who keep worrying. They have become so pessimistic about the environment that they always expect the worst will happen. Hence, they end up feeling awful, tense, or anxious without having clear reasons for feeling that way.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress, is the type of stress that wears one out. Plus, it builds up over time and can produce long-term effects on a person, whether emotionally or physically.

Most forms of chronic stress are caused by trauma that they find difficult to let go and so it continues to disrupt their everyday lives. One problem with chronic stress is that people often believe that it is something that is innate to them and that they cannot get rid of.

Thus, it makes treating this condition difficult because it is often ignored by the person affected by it. It can, however, be treated through stress management procedures and behavioral treatment.

Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress has its own set of complexity. With the different types stated above, psychological stress concerns more of a person’s ability to respond to a given situation. To be specific, the loss of that ability.

During dangerous situations, your body produces hormones known as adrenaline and cortisol that prompts the body to make a response. Compare this to charging a battery that produces high voltage that must be discharged.

In the case of a person suffering from psychological stress, the body fails to discharge that burst of energy that is produced. The continued raise in your heart rate and the production of adrenaline and could result in harmful problems with your heart.

There are numerous schools of thought as to how we acquire psychological stress, but it can include trauma suffered from an emotionally disturbing event in the past or other emotional anxiety. The problem with people suffering from psychological stress is that they tend to induce more stress in their lives by subjecting themselves to stressful situations.

The best way to manage your stress

The best way to manage your stress is to learn healthy coping strategies like visiting Pablo’s help Moreover, each type of stress has different approaches to treatment.

If you feel that stress is effecting your performance or health contact your Primary Health Care Physician for their advice.

First Rule Of The Internet!


The internet is NOT a SAFE place! Think about what you share your life on line. In cause you hadn’t noticed the world is not a safe place. I’m just saying.

The stimulus to my quandary is this recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College, an obscure community college in Oregon.

I guess my question this evening is how a 26-year-old feels insignificant does? And feel violence on innocence is the only solution?

I know that I’m trying to start a blog and I’m supposed to do methodical steps towards success, but this is Personal. I guess one thing about having a blog is that you can spout off. This is my own personal OPINION. My choice instead of blaming other people is go on this rampage.

Having attended a community college in my educational experience, I feel a certain affinity to the community college community.

How in my opinion, some people feel they can point the blame at any one entity still surprises me.

Hello People, It’s not the Presidents fault! It’s not the GOP’s fault ( as much as I may want to blame them)! It’s not Planned Parenthood’s fault!

It’s Yours! It’s Mine ! It’s all of Ours! Do I have an answer, oh hell no! Does? Can Anyone?

I guess the best way to tell you why I feel justified is this rant is l that I went thought my own personal insignificant experience, DON’T WE ALL GROWING UP?


What is our fixation with FAME at any cost? Reality TV? Back in my day it was your 15 minutes of Fame! Sorry about that, any way back to my story.

I can’t speak for you, but for me growing up was a long hard journey (aka a BITCH). Kids are ruthless when it comes to ridicule. Especially if you stick out.

Why is it he girl you liked never like you, and you didn’t like the one that liked you? Anyway, could having everyone around you, including your family make fun of your size and awkwardness as a kid make you feel insignificant? I was a big kid, OK FAT (we didn’t use obese back then), but I was kind of tall with long arms and awkward as hell. I was more like the Ugly Bear, ugly duckling, just didn’t fit.

Could being insignificant be having people call you names like Baby Huey (look it up popular cartoon in my child hood), Fatso, Tubby, Ugly, and Fat Boy.

Even later in life I was a Boy Scout. I was an Life Scout, one step away from Eagle at a National Jamboree, with Boy Scouts across the county. I thought I had bounded with a group of fellow Scout. Little did I know that their idea of bonding was stinging me along until they could humiliate me.

We were going somewhere I can’t even remember where in woods and they started running. I though OK, so I started running. It wasn’t until they started laughing, pointing and running faster leaving this fat kid alone crying in a forest that was their plan all along. See I didn’t realize they knew I could never keep up.

Funny, I wonder if any of them ended up playing D1 ball in college. I must confess I would have loved to meet up with them then. Somehow how do you like me now! Would have been enough.

Or how about the ultimate disappointment, tragedy the end of my life! So I thought then. Having the thing that makes you significant taken away.

Senior year All-American candidate, administrator walks in, almost proudly still seems like to me even now. Oh yeah I still remember it vividly and says “Through No Fault Of Your Own, Your INELIGIBLE and CAN’T PLAY BALL! I was only 24 then, I guess if I was 26 I would committed a tragedy. Through No Fault Of Your Own, HUM

I could go on and on, but the wife is screaming what are you doing? Come to bed!

We make OUR own choices! We can’t blame other people for the choices WE make.

Oh and for the record, I got over my significance being taking away, it wasn’t easy by any means, I was mad at the world and took some time, But I finished school and got a job. Never said it was an exciting story.

Sorry! Enough pontificating!
Live Long and Prosper!


Christmas in Vegas 2015


I wonder if the Jessica Valenzuela from Arizona planned for her trip to Las Vegas as long as we had.

I know for me Las Vegas is a special place. My heart goes out to her family and all those effected. Just experiencing or watching it as it happened has to affect you. Even watching it on the news is very emotional for me.

Born, raised and educated in Southern California seems like I’ve almost lived in Las Vegas. Spent may a weekends and holidays in Vegas in my youth.

I remember on my way to college in Utah, the coach that recruited me, asked me to pick up a fellow recruit on the way. That was the first time I realized people lived in Las Vegas.

I admitted log ago I wasn’t that bright, but wasn’t something I really thought about in my youth. Left a few brain cells in Vegas.

Anyway, I was in Las Vegas last night 12-20-15, when what I’m calling the Tragedy on the Strip, happened.

I had no intention on posting about it, but the more I heard the news and thought about it the more the only thing I cloud say is Thank You GOD, because I feel very fortunate right now.

A few hours earlier, my wife and I walked that same path. Through the Grace of (I’m a christian(different debate for a different time)), my wife was tired and decided to take a nap.

Our hotel had a shuttle to the Fremont Street Experience. Our son was staying downtown with his friends. They went to elementary school together and now they are all 21. WOW! A drink with my son, another story.

So I’m stuck in the shuttle at Harmon & Las Vegas Blvd, and a different kind of Las Vegas light show goes off around me and we’re stuck in traffic.

See pictures I took from the shuttle (on my weak cell phone, broke my S5 and can’t afford to replace it) of the action around me below. Look at the difference in activity from the first picture to the last picture.

Why when we lose hope do we want to punish others that can’t know about our pain.

No one has the same pain as another. Perhaps, similar, perhaps emphatic, but not the same. We are all unique, not even your twin experiences life the same way.

I just decided to write this post because, if my wife hadn’t napped and I took the shuttle to see my son, maybe I’m walking down the street and I’m not writing this post.

Life is Funny?

Be Thankful! We take so much for granted!

Happy Holidays!!

This by far hardest post yet, on the road, old laptop no printer, hotel Wi-FI!

Avoid Avoiding

Procrastination can creep in and easily become a habit. Once it does, it can erode your capacity to function effectively. But, breaking a habit is no easy thing to do, let alone face starting. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a constant work in progress.

Once you accept that procrastination could exist and it’s something, you know you’ve needed to deal with, but found a way to procrastinate out of doing it. Ever notice the easy, painless stuff gets taken care of, but the difficult, hard, painful stuff, can so easily be procrastinated away.

At least for me anyway. Let’s take a doctor or dentist visit for example. Hate them, put them off until the last-minute or my wife has driven me into compliance, (I’ll let you guess which one is the real motivator) and then I suffer the consequences. Which at my age can become costly?

So once you have become compliant, and you also feel enough is enough, be gentle with yourself. It can be so ingrained in us, that we don’t fully recognize all the ways we actually procrastinate.

Start out by taking a large or complicated task and breaking it down into smaller parts that you can accomplish easier. It’s important to bear in mind that the most difficult or complex tasks are simply just a series of smaller jobs.

Make a verbal commitment to someone else about improving your time management skills and your desire to avoid procrastinating. Even if you live alone, all our time is not our own. So we need to involve the people close to us so they are aware of what we are trying to do and hopefully be supportive. Allow others to become involved in your efforts by reviewing your progress, helping you set deadlines and evaluating your results. This will most likely create a commitment on your part to fulfill the expectations they’ve set for you. I should interject, as with anything, be care who you choose to share intimate things with.

Sit down and map out a plan to manage your time more effectively. By breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it easier to meet deadlines. When a deadline is looming, make sure you allot time each day to work on the project so it doesn’t sneak up on you in the final hours or days. Learn to ask for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked.

Reward yourself for good behavior and accomplished goals. Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished the ultimate goal, but reward yourself for your successes along the way. Make sure the reward is something you like to do.

Treat yourself to the newest book by your favorite author and take the time to read it. Indulge in bubble baths or relaxing music.

If you’ve gotten into the habit of working late, make sure you develop a new habit of going home on time each night. It may be listed last, but I believe it’s one of the most important if not the most important SPEND TIME WITH THOSE CLOSE TO YOU!

By making a commitment to avoid the avoiding, we’ll soon be well on our way to finding more time and finding ourselves more relaxed, productive and less stressed in the process.


Ariana Grande Announces Benefit Concert For Manchester Victims and Families!

Ariana Grande announced she will return to Manchester to perform a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the bombing and their families.

I have heard she is a good person!

They are not all about money!

Aging and your Quality of Life

From the day we are all born, we age every day. As a young person, we don’t think about the later years in our life.

We live in a very fast pace world today and it causes a lot of stress in our lives and as time goes on, the stress will affect us increasingly.

Everyone young and old, we all need to take care of our bodies and minds. By taking care of ourselves, it keeps us thinking, moving and helps prevent major illnesses such and cancer and many other diseases.

We all have to work at keeping ourselves healthy and there is no better time than right now. The younger you start taking care of yourself the better it is; by starting early your catching things before they have time to progress.

So right now, start of by eating healthy. Keep an eye on that diet and make sure you’re not overeating, but eat enough to get vitamins you need to have. A good multivitamin is a good way to start adding supplements to what you don’t get in your food.

Food doesn’t always have the number of vitamins anymore like they used to, and that starts at the farmer’s level. Don’t blame the farmer for this because they are just doing their jobs the same way we all go to ours every day.

The farmer has to add fertilizer, chemicals and even water to their crops to make them grow bigger, faster and for beauty too.

Adding all these chemicals eat up all the natural vitamins that you need. Water has chemicals in it too; one reason why your water needs to be tested at least once a year especially if you have well water.

Once the food is grown and ready to be shipped it is polished, coated to keep it nice and fresh looking during shipment, which is why this will take away some of the vitamins as well.

Try to eat as much, homegrown food as you can and not processed foods. Fresh homegrown food is the best, since you get natural vitamins.

A good multivitamin isn’t going to hurt anyone. It is known that people who take a multivitamin everyday are in better health than someone who doesn’t.

Sometimes your doctor may want you to take extra vitamin, as we grow older because our bodies change and sometimes require more of something.

In addition, as we grow older our eating habits change and we don’t eat as much or we want to lose weight and don’t eat the right foods. Nevertheless, remember you can lose weight and still eat right.

As we grow older our bodies and mind change. All the stress we had growing up and continue throughout our lives.

Relieve that stress as much as possible because it can do a lot of harm to us. Stress is known to be a major factor for poor heart conditions, strokes, and it will lower our immune system, as we grow older.

A regular exercise program is good for all ages and helps relieve stress at the early ages as well. If only families took time out maybe as a family with their children and made it a part of their lives that would help relieve it during the younger years.

A person who learns and enjoys exercising on a daily basis will keep during it, as they grow older as well.

Exercising will help the older person to keep those bones more flexible so they don’t get stiff and weak. The heart gets benefit from exercising too.

Exercise will cause the heart to produce naturally, by working it harder to keep it highly flavored. Exercising helps to keep our bodies toned up and helps us to lose weight, or at most keeping the weight maintained.

Remember starting early can help later in years to make your life healthier and more contented.

8th-graders from New Jersey refused to be photographed with Paul Ryan

All I can say is ouch!

The good new is maybe the youth will see the need to change the process!

We can only Hope!