Make Him Think You’re The One

What does it take to become a man’s one and only girl?

What should you do to make sure he only has eyes for you?

It’s completely natural to feel a little insecure about your man. After all there are many younger, beautiful and sexier women out there.

However, science and proven research hold the secrets.

There are sure fire ways to turn even the most notorious players into one woman men.

Read on to discover how to make him think of you as his one and only

3 Ways To Make Him Think You're The One

Know and meet his deepest needs!
Your man is special and unique – so what is good for other men won’t necessarily be good for him.

Being his woman, you have a golden opportunity to find out what his deepest most hidden needs are.

You’ll never discover these needs until you connect with his heart in a deep, profound way like no other woman can.

You will discover if he desires praise and affirmations, or if he wants to be sheltered or if he wants a woman to protect for example.

These concepts may sound ludicrous but they are examples of real male needs.

It is critical that you spend time getting to know him, talking, solving problems and doing activities that encourage him to reveal his hidden side and earn his trust.

Be more than just his lover!
It is one thing to give him life giving sex and a different thing all together to give him loving outside of the bedroom.

Get creative and think of ways to make his life easier and more enjoyable without being a doormat. If he adores a massage, give him a massage at night – then ask him to reciprocate.

Take up new hobbies or sports together so that he will spend time and have fun with you and that is critical for a guy.

Get along with his friends and family!
It is a big deal for a guy that you get along with his friends and family.

actually plays a major role in his decision to settle down and start a family with a woman.

So if you don’t get along with his friends and family and in the future he meets a great woman who does – it is a no brainer who he will choose!

Make it your priority to get off on the right foot with his friends and family from the outset.

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