All I can say is, thank GOD it’s my home!

I been fortunate enough to get through High School, College, married with children, ya, de, ya de, da

I actually was a Boy Scout, and I went to a National Jamboree in Idaho.

I was very young.  I remember I was very young, because my father was still alive. I miss my dad.

Anyway a National Jamboree was a gathering of Boy Scout Troops from across the Nation.

We organized by state and we all had to create archways into our campsites that represented us. So we made this huge black papier–mâché cast iron pot.

On the outside in big with letters we painted The Melting Pot as our motto. Easy to say representing the entire state of California was very devised.

This was in the sixties. We have to pass on history! Because of the sacrifices that were made then, there is a today!

Isn’t that what makes America great! Our Diversity? Oops , my bad, I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

Recent items I want to pass on:
Technology , instant this, that and the scourge of the earth Selfies!!!

Is egocentric the future?  Oh yes, oops I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

We all just watched you made a tackle, can you just go back to the huddle?  Don’t they feel idiots  after all that “Watch Me”for ONE PLAY  and then you lose the game?

Really, save the dance for the party after!  Back in the day win or lose there was always a party!

The Academy of Awards.  The Academy? The Academy of? Awards?

44 slots and NO ONE IS WORTHY?

Watch Bessie and tell me Queen Latifah  doesn’t at least deserve a nomination!!!

Really! Oh yes, oops I forgot Donald Trump Is the MAN!!!

Be good to yourselves, love your families, enjoy the madness!!

Got to see this movie: .
What more can I say got to see this movie.

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