Communication Tip

It’s time for a communication tip!

Have you ever been at a presentation or talking with someone and you have a difficult time understanding what they are saying?

What about you?

Do you speak clearly enough so that people understand YOU?

The tip for today will help you Speak so that You Can Be Understood.

Enunciate your words.
The definition of Enunciate is to pronounce words or parts of words clearly.

In addition to pronouncing words clearly, you want to be certain you are pronouncing words correctly.

I know that my biggest enunciation problem is putting the “endings on words”.

When speaking, I don’t clearly pronounce the ending letters in words. In fact, leaving off the endings in works is very common.

Several examples of what I’m referring to include:
Going – dropping the “g” would be pronounced as “go-in”
Talking – dropping the “g” would be pronounced as “talk-in”
Jogging – dropping the “g” would be pronounced as “jog-gin”

To help with my enunciation, I have discovered that I can improve my diction!

1 Minute Communication Tip

When I speak to a large group, I purposefully do 3 things:

  • Talk slowly so that I have the time to pronounce the word. When I talk quickly, I think quicker than I talk. That means that I’m not completing my words!
  • Open my mouth more so that I am enunciating the word. This feels very awkward, but it works. When I need to be heard clearly, I use my mouth more when I talk. He He!
  • Make a big effort to intentionally put endings on my words. This is another skill that feels very awkward. But, if I intentionally put emphasis on the last letter of the word, then I am better understood.

When I do these things, I find that people can understand me better.

And, I’m able to communicate better with the other person.

What are some other common enunciation issues?

  • Mumbling – talking indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
  • Slurring words together – combining words, reducing or omitting sounds in the hurried or careless talk.

Why is enunciation important?

If I’m not understood, then there is a breakdown in communication, and I don’t want that.

I want to be able to communicate well.

When you are communicating, make certain that you are enunciating your words.

It might be uncomfortable, but it’s a great way to be understood and be heard.

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