Reading Strategies and Habits with Jim Kwik: Learn to Speed Read and Retain More Information

Did you know millionaires read more books? And before you think that’s because having wealth created more time for them, they read more before they had wealth.

I try to read as much as I can but I also have a lot of books on my bookshelf that I haven’t touched. Can you relate?

I remember I scoffed the first time I read about Warren Buffet spending 80% of his time reading. But books are a direct line to someone’s years of hard-won expertise and research so don’t you think it’s worth the time to soak up that learning and apply it your business and life?

The truth is, you can learn to read a lot faster than you do now AND retain the information.

You just need to find the right coach. And that’s where my guest + brain coach Jim Kwik comes in. Jim has coached me and I learned so many things from him that I wanted you to have access to as well!

Jim once read one book a DAY for four and a half YEARS. He’s going to help you read at least twice as fast as you do now so you can start soaking up all that wisdom sitting on your bookshelves and nightstand! Ready?

Click here to watch the episode.


I’ll be taking on the challenge Jim gives us in the episode this week, and I hope you’ll join too. Share your progress with me in a comment or on Instagram.



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