Luxury Dog Crates For Travel Or Home

One of the healthiest ways to enjoy living and verify the perceptions of the world’s richness is to embark on vacation, pass, and tour, but what better highway can you enjoy your tour without our four legged pals. In the United State alone, every year, millions of swine clear passages with their protectors. Moreover, having regard to the fact that canines have gained a renowned importance in the family to become a part of it, it is a respectable meaning to showcase inclination by having them around while on vacations to sit and trail us around, sleep beside or around us at night, serve as a company on a travel and also expose it to the freshness of nature.

Everyone has the right to some degree of consolation as showcased by individual across the globe expanding to acquire resources, owneds and an suite to themselves so as to enjoy moments of succour, accordingly, canines also exhibit natural Denning instincts and usually elevate safe and enclosed one-fourths which could be a little, cozy arrange for their nap, hence, to mimic this natural den, Luxury dog packs were designed and peculiarly produced using wide range of materials such as metal, cable, plastic, or textile with a opening to provide a arrange of recourse and volunteer a superlative home for this lovely creature where it can feel harmless and secure while at home or on a journey. This lovely patch of chattels is available in different sizes especially designed to house your baby conveniently with common sits being plastic and collapsible cable crates designed to ease airplane transportation and other means of the transport system. If for a reason you need to keep the pet fastened, the best alternative is to go for these crates as it does merely allow you to keep your baby safe and pleasant but also organizes the excellent arrange for your baby while indoors.

Also, it is important to establish a bond and support you are the leader of the bundle which does not mean being bestial or vigorous, therefore it is essential to use one of this structures as it will surely assist your pooch in mastering the rudiments of training and is a matter of immense improve when emphasized. Plastic crates are often preferred for little reproduces since it can be opened and used as snug and high-sided round couches, and are compact enough to use in autoes while the collapsible metal crates are hands-on for large-scale reproduces since it could easily be sectioned off into relevant openings during training courses and are easier to collect. Additionally, this piece of furniture designed for your baby is a fantastic tool which will not only change your bird-dog into a chewing toy addict, which is an upright highway to keep your pooch physically fit and mentally animated but also a great tool for the management of your dog’s action and well-being. Too, it is essential to use this excellent patch to manage the total raft of awaited editions such as injurious mastication, snipping at teenagers and residence soiling questions common with young puppies.

Categorically, indulgence bird-dog packs are a beautiful patch of gear not only because it helps keep your domesticated safe and secure while on an expedition or in an mighty brand-new medium but also conjointly promote fitness, consolation, and adaptation to coaching. It is judicious to suitably acquaint crate at a young stage to clear your bird-dog thought it as a quiet arrange for serious snooze and recourse from the bustle and commotion of the house and far from being any children.

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Tips in Finding Our Passion!

Some of us take a lifetime in realizing what we really want to do and where we want to take our journey.

It would be best if we knew the essentials in finding our passion while we were still young.

This way, you will have lots of time to fulfill whatever you want to achieve and enjoy its effects and benefits as well.

For some of us we only want to pursue our passion only after we have gone through several failures.

It is not that easy to know what we really want to do for the rest of our lives. I still don’t know, and I’m far from young, physically.

But, there are some of us who end up pursuing a very unlikely routes while forgetting what we really wanted to achieve.

The reasons for this varies. But I just call it getting caught up in life.

To help us in this regard, here are some tips that we can follow.

We should look at things around us. Determine what or who inspired us to achieve whatever goals we had in mind

. They can be your loved ones or a specific person that encouraged you to be better.

These can also be things. Be careful with this one. What are the objects that create some sparks and enhance you to move forward?

Use these objects and people in order to find out for yourself what you really want to achieve.

You can list down the things and people or places that may come to your mind when you are thinking about this, so that you can begin tracking of what really matters to you.

Think happy thoughts!

Reminisce about the times when you were most happy in your life.

What brought about such happiness? What made you happy?

And while you’re at it, you should also think about when was the last time you experienced such a moment.

If it’s already been a long time, ask yourself why? What do you think caused such a state?

Go back to the things that ignited your passion in the past. Read your favorite book.

This may be a great time to find peace digging through self-help books, videos, for some the bible.

This can especially true if you cannot talk to anyone close to you regarding the matter in ways that you hope to be understood.

If you are stuck in a job that is killing you and your only reason why your there is for the money, (aka paying the bills). Ya know that getting caught up in life thing!

Then you may have a harder time in getting to know where your real passion lies.

Because if you’re like me other people depend on you.  Bottom line we still have to take care of business.

Despite the hype, unless you’re in certain fields is still tough finding the job of our dreams out there.

You may want to look back at the point before you entered this job. What were you back then or what were you trying to achieve at that point?

What where the things you were thinking about? If you have already saved enough, then you’re probably not reading this post, you may want to consider quitting your current job.

This way, you can allot more time in pursuing the things that you really want before it is already too late.

Think this step through though! Don’t let frustration cost you everything. Don’t take for granted what you’ve already achieved. Take time to reflect on where you are.

I can Guarantee you that you are going to find people in better and worse situations then us.

Never forget to be thankful!

That being said, we all have to be open to whatever possibilities life may bring. We need to expect more than what we may already have achieved.

This can be done by being bold enough to reach out of our comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter how small or how big it is. Once we start following our hearts and minds to reach the point where we think and feel we will be happy and satisfied, we begin to feel we are on the right track.

And finding our passion will hopefully be easier in the long run.


Have You Seen Some Of These Faces of Stress?

Stress affects each individual differently, according to the cause and its effects. Therefore, there are different kinds of stress as recognized by clinical and research studies.

It is important for us as individuals to recognize the causes of stress in order for us to be able to deal with it, and hopefully reduce our stress.

We’re only going to talk about four types of stress: acute stress, episodic acute stress, chronic stress, and psychological stress.

Acute Stress

Acute stress arguably the most common form of stress, which can result from the pressures we are subjected to in their everyday life. In small doses of acute stress, it can actually be beneficial to an individual. Think of athletes that are about to compete in an event.

They experience acute stress, which triggers the production of adrenaline and gives them a burst of energy needed to perform their best.  The symptoms for this type of stress are easily recognizable and mostly affects a person only in a short-term. Common symptoms include back or neck pain, muscular tensions, headache, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, cold hands or feet.

Episodic Acute Stress

Episodic Acute Stress, as mentioned above, acute stress is quite common to most people.

However, there are a few others who experience it more often than others. These people are the ones who are so focused on achieving organization and yet always fail when it comes to performance. Therefore, it is not surprising that they often become irritable, if not with themselves than their initial environment. T

his also explains why they find the workplace quite a stressful environment. Other forms of episodic acute stress are those people who keep worrying. They have become so pessimistic about the environment that they always expect the worst will happen. Hence, they end up feeling awful, tense, or anxious without having clear reasons for feeling that way.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress, is the type of stress that wears one out. Plus, it builds up over time and can produce long-term effects on a person, whether emotionally or physically.

Most forms of chronic stress are caused by trauma that they find difficult to let go and so it continues to disrupt their everyday lives. One problem with chronic stress is that people often believe that it is something that is innate to them and that they cannot get rid of.

Thus, it makes treating this condition difficult because it is often ignored by the person affected by it. It can, however, be treated through stress management procedures and behavioral treatment.

Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress has its own set of complexity. With the different types stated above, psychological stress concerns more of a person’s ability to respond to a given situation. To be specific, the loss of that ability.

During dangerous situations, your body produces hormones known as adrenaline and cortisol that prompts the body to make a response. Compare this to charging a battery that produces high voltage that must be discharged.

In the case of a person suffering from psychological stress, the body fails to discharge that burst of energy that is produced. The continued raise in your heart rate and the production of adrenaline and could result in harmful problems with your heart.

There are numerous schools of thought as to how we acquire psychological stress, but it can include trauma suffered from an emotionally disturbing event in the past or other emotional anxiety. The problem with people suffering from psychological stress is that they tend to induce more stress in their lives by subjecting themselves to stressful situations.

The best way to manage your stress

The best way to manage your stress is to learn healthy coping strategies like visiting Pablo’s help Moreover, each type of stress has different approaches to treatment.

If you feel that stress is effecting your performance or health contact your Primary Health Care Physician for their advice.


Did “Somebody” (not the wife, life partner, person stuck with living with you) call you a Pack Rat?

For those of us who admit we’re pack rats usually live in the dream world of  I’ll Use That One day! hate to get rid of our stuff because we’ll need that down the road.

The main problem for us pack rats is that we know we’re going to do something with all the stuff he or she accumulates.

Being a good organizer does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of everything you have, but it does mean keeping things in an organized and orderly fashion so that when the time does come to use it, you’ll be able to find it.

For those of us in denial or so called “Organized” pack rats usually find space to store our stuff in one place, ah like a monthly storage bill.

A “disorganized” pack rat can become overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ and their family life and mental health can suffer as a result. Between me and you organized or disorganized pack rat?


Ideally, a pack rat should strive to keep those things that are truly important, discard the wreckage, and maybe if you dare, have a yard sale once in a while. Sometimes rehab is worse than the injury.

It’s very difficult for a pack rat to break the habit of hoarding and keeping things. If you have a family member who is a pack rat, offer to help them weed through their belongings and get a handle on the situation. If you are the packrat, it’s time you asked yourself some honest questions.

Make the process of weeding through things as pleasant as possible. Most likely you’ll be able to have a huge yard sale, or some community organization will benefit greatly from the donation of your unneeded items.
I’m sure that “Somebody”, is more than ready to help! Take a picture before you start. The before picture as it were. So you’ll know how much you’ve accomplished when the pain is over.

After you’ve purged your excess stuff, work on developing a long-term organizational goal that will send up a red flag to warn you if you are beginning down that road again.
Take a picture of your house after the purge, and look at the before and the after pictures every time you think you’re starting to slip back into pack rat mode.

Remember how hard you worked to get rid of the excess and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

Keep on top of the clutter so the clutter doesn’t overwhelm you in the end again.

Turn yourself into that “Somebody”!



If We Can Figure Out What Really Matters, Maybe We Can Find our Passion.

A majority of us confess to experiencing a disconnection between having a job and doing what we are really passionate about.

Many of us are experiencing irregular sleeping habits, stress, and left wondering what really matters in our lives.

Since our work is not just an eight-hour interruption in our day and we spend most of our waking hours on it. Either on the job, prepping for it, or trying how to figure out how to get to the next level.

It’s important to start finding our passion and incorporating it in our jobs. Whether you like it or not, we are affected by the choices we make in our jobs. In fact that job was our first major choice.

Many of us land at our first job through mysterious ways. Recruited in college, took over family business, or discharged from the military. For me after graduating from college and two weeks of bliss my mother told me, very eloquently I may add, that is was time to get a job.

Oh and by the by, go here and apply, Mrs., Church Lady from church’s son can get you a job. What could I was still living at home at the time.

So I went down and took what I called at that time; a dummy test at a major corporation. I passed, had an Interview and started as an entry level trainee.

Mrs. Church Lady’s son didn’t know me from the preacher’s daughter. Anyway that’s another story.

How we act at work is often the most documented record of who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe, from our employers perspective anyway. Or better yet other perceptions of who we are, based on how we’ve interacted with them in our professional environment. Hum!

For us to know what really matters and is important for us, we need to discover the secret. The what i[‘’ call the who, what, when, where, and how of finding joy, serenity, and fulfillment in our life.

Firstly, we must find ourselves! Many of us already know what really matters to us, but we are conflicted with priorities of this chaos we call life, that restrict us from following our lifelong dreams. I personally feel that, if we want to find our passion we must let our hearts be our guide.

We can never get back the time you we’ve spent so far. Time is our most precious non-renewable treasure we have.

Every day we are asked to make thousands of choices that defines who you are. Finding the choices that really matter to us can hopefully help us not to waste this most precious commodity. So we must choose wisely!

Be aware and clear. Know and claim the choices that lead us to our passion. If we want to live our lives to the fullest, we need the courage to be true to our passion and find the opportunities that gives us the ability to do that.

Follow your heart and dreams and strive on finding your passion. When we do this, hopefully we can experience a transformation leap of knowing ourselves and our connection to the universe.

Each of us has a unique final discovery of our passion, but that discovery truly determines who we want to be.

Maybe these can help;
Who influenced you the most?
Who do you feel is most important to you?
Why was your greatest experience so great?
What made your worst experience so bad?
What do you feel is the most important thing missing from your life right now?
What lesson has served you best throughout your career?
What message has been bouncing inside your head for the past year or longer?
The answers to some of these questions may help us re-find our passion.



Rediscovering Our Spirituality

As we experience life with our losses and life changes that take place with advancing years, some of us begin to gravitate towards or for some of is back to religion, although the traditional church may not always be as accommodating as we hoped.

If you’re like me born in the church, graduated from catholic elementary school, OK an altar boy, to through some roundabout way to graduate from a Lutheran college, it can be more of a rediscovery.

Some of us may be more influenced by the thinking of various philosophers and thinkers that deal with the different practices of spirituality to find meaning in life.

With advancing age, there are life changes as well as life losses both mental and physical, that require us having hope in order to survive.

Oddly, that’s when we begin to realize what spirituality did and can do for us who believe.

For those of us who believe; Spirituality can be therapeutic. Spirituality can take the form of therapeutic interventions found in prayers, meditation and expressions of art, attending religious services and reading the bible.

All of which can lead to spiritual awareness and healing as well as renewal. With better understanding of spirituality through various resources, there may come about a more peaceful aging process.

With those of us that face the reality of our age, we learn we can’t do want we once did. I’m never playing a game of hoops again.

I knew I had to give up football, than basketball than softball. Now I would be happy to just walk pain-free.

But the biggest non-physical, pain of all is that I’m not where I thought I should be by now.

Aging also raises questions about the true meaning and value of day-to-day life. Questions of what’s really important.

This is when our spirituality can expand and help us share our feelings with others. It hopefully allows us some space in which to grow, even in times of difficulty.

But Let Me state; Spirituality is unique to each of us!

Just as our bodies’ age differently, spirituality is different for each of us too. Some of us have been attending the same church or synagogue our entire lives and have their spiritual beliefs well reconciled.

Some of us have been searching for spirituality our entire lives, while others of us only begin in later life in order to help us deal with calamity, aging, or a death. Then we begin to search for the answers we need.

Many of us argue over what spirituality is; I like the thought of real spirituality actually being aware we are spirit.


Make Your First Impression Remarkable

As an international violist, conductor, and talker I have had the privilege of playing concerts of all the countries and playing for creators, Frank Sinatra, Lou Rawls, Natalie Cole, Paul Anka, Eartha Kitt and others. Watching these prodigious creators I learned the best interests of first impressions.

On my recent concert tour to China, after traveling a grueling 48 hours on numerous flights from Virginia to Xiamen, China, I arrived at their International Airport. The Manager of the Xiamen Symphony Orchestra was viewing my photo up at international airports.

He was garmented in a tailored dres, standing straight and towering, with his dark whisker neatly chipped and combed. He was about 35 years of age. I was garmented in a tailored dark blue madams suit that did not show puckers. My whisker was neatly combed. My viola instance was over my left shoulder and my raincoat and concert dress was in a garment bag in my right hand. “I smiled back at Mr. M and he smiled back at me.”

I knew by the look in his eyes that we were going to get along with well! His first impression of me was a positive one. First thoughts do matter and name the stage for the future.

As we drove to the inn, I would be staying in, Mr. M spoke, “The hotel was just been re-named in your statu the “Music Island Hotel”.

I asked him, “What did they used to call the “Music Island Hotel”?

He spoke, “The Prisoner Hotel”. I thought he was kidding! “Why, I queried? ”

Mr. M spoke, “When government officials did mistaken they were placed in this hotel for safe keeping.”

When we arrived at the inn I discovered the brand new sign over the building. Remember first impressions can never be repeated. So make a good one the first time.

Recently I attended the cinema “The Intern” at the local movie theatre. Robert De Nero dallied Ben Whittaker, the 70 -year-old withdrew phone directory corporation ministerial, who devotes as a senior intern for the style corporation, About the Fit. T

he CEO and founder of the corporation is Jules Ostin played by Anne Hathaway. Ben Whittaker comes to the interview and latter to task, with his whisker pruned neatly and combed, garmented in a tailored dres with a smile on his aspect and a positive stance.

He wanted to make a good first impression! The other apprentices coming for the interview was like they are only flattened out of couch. It’s all about garmenting for success inside and outside.

What are the 3 lessons Paul Anka, Eartha Kitt, Frank Sinatra, Lou Rawls, and Natalie Cole learnt me about first impressions?

1) Be conscious of your portrait. Give on the very best stance. Stand or sit with your shoulders back and your principal maintained high. Wear a smile, have your whisker neatly chipped and combed. Dress for success in tailored robes that fit you well and attain you feel successful. All these performers, even at rehearsals, wore robes “thats been” tailored to fit them. Before departing from your job take a look at yourself in the reflect and make sure you inspection the very best within and outside. This includes having a good positive attitude.

2) These creators ever gazed towering, fit, and trim. Fit people allure everyone. Cultivating for these creators inspired me to affiliate a gym and work up 3 times a week, to munch more fruits and vegetables, and cut down on gobbling junk food. First thoughts are important. They do matter!

While touring in Europe, I found that some inns did not have a gym. So I ever wander with my therabands, exercise stripes, to do practices in my inn area to keep fit. By taking the time to procreate exercise a part of your personal proliferation program, you will stay physically fit.

3) These creators acquired their audience members seem as if they were singing to each of them, by making heart contact with them. They sang a psalm with clear phrasing, so each name they spoke would be clearly understood. They coated word pictures when they sang, telling the story of each psalm with beautiful phrasing. They communicated clearly, at a moderate hurrying use a please voice.

By recollecting these 3 lessons, your first impressions will be miraculous. First thoughts can never be repeated. So, make a good “First Impression” the “first time”.

Searching For Our Passion

I believe the meaning of success depends on the person who is asked to define it.

For some of us, this can be defined in finding our passion.   And once that is achieved, we already feel successful with whatever ventures they have decided to take.

But,  alas this is not as easy as we would hope.

When we were young, we thought that anything was possible, even changing the world. As we dared to try new things, we failed at some and achieved at others.

Now we’re older and some of us you find ourselves stuck at a point where we feel like we have lost our way and given up on our journey.

We have to clear ourselves of all the negativity that clouds our minds and emotions.  Get started back on our path.

However hard the road ahead seems to be, in order for us to get nearer to our passion, we must always be ready to take the necessary steps towards it.

Here are some things that we can do to hopefully help us get to where we eventually  want to be.

Engage yourself in a self-assessment process. You have to think about things. What have you gone through to reach this point in your life? Where are you right now? What else do you want to have happen? How do you perceive yourself in one, three, five years from now? If it’s not possible to happen that soon, calculate how long it will take and the steps to get there.

After you clearly see the person that you want to be. You must look into the steps that you are taking to make sure that it will happen. You must review the steps that you are taking to make sure that you will become that person.

You will feel it inside of you if you want to accomplish something so bad that you are willing to do anything to get there. This is when you feel like you have no more time to waste on other things that won’t help you to become who you eventually want to be. One sign that you are at this point in your life is when you start reading articles and topics that can help you be more aware about your goals and ways to get there or coming to Pablos help Desk.

Your goals must be very clear to you. Is that WHAT YOU REALLY want to achieve? You have to know what you really want to have happen. Then you have to take the steps to get there. WRITE THIS DOWN.

Review this DAILY, when you wake up in the morning and before bed at night. VISUALIZE, these thoughts. Your thoughts, words, and deeds should match exactly how you feel.

You must not be too hard on yourself. You should keep your goals simple, measurable and attainable. And you must set each step that you will take to accomplish to achieve your goals. This way, you will not easily give up when you are presented with unexpected challenges.

Once you know the steps you have to to take to complete your journey, you have to make up your mind to take these necessary steps. YOU have to take action to accomplish them. This is something that you have to do in order to be at a happier and more fulfilled state.

as you begin your journey and are taking the steps in finding your passion, you must cherish your actions.

You should also take good care of whatever you will eventually achieve to make sure that your hard work is rightly rewarded by paying it forward.

Personal Mastery Why Bother?

Do we fully understand how important it is to develop our skills, know our strengths and weaknesses in able to deal with our own personal growth and development?

When we know and develop personal mastery, we may be able to listen to ourselves and ideally obtain balance in our life. Well, if you’re like me, you don’t know and haven’t developed personal mastery.

So why bother? What’s in it for me?

In theory personal mastery can enable us to manage our energy levels and put more fun back into our lives. Remember Fun? It can help change our vision of life.

It can even make us a happier person and fun to be around. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant change? If think you don’t you need to be a happier person and more fun to be around, ask somebody close to you.

For some of us it can be the beginning of a personal vision. But, that’s a topic for another post.

In able to obtain personal mastery, there are principles that can be a guide for us on our quest for growth and maturity. Principles behind personal mastery are actually fundamental concepts that are essential when building professional, social and spiritual relationships.

A principle behind personal mastery is understanding that what happens in our lives is based on our own choices and not from anybody else.

We should take responsibility for what has happened in our life. Therefore, decisions about our lives should be made by our own will. We have to know our strength and weaknesses.

In personal mastery, the internal change we make now is actually more important than what has happened to us in the past. For the record we CAN’T change the past!

The only rule: YOU HAVE TO GET PAST THE PAST! Otherwise you energies are spent on things you CAN NOT CHANGE. Their done. LET THEM GO! Oh! If it were only so easy.

Personal mastery is also based on reality. It is important for searchers to spend time and energy in things that can be controlled, like the present and the future. It is important to let go of reactive attitudes like resentment, complaint, blame and just wishful thinking.

Avoiding the trap of someday I’ll be great, successful, and happy ya know. When I bet if we took the time to reflect, we have it now.

Hopefully, this will enable us to change how we think, feel and behave.

Having a clear vision of what we want and what we have to do to achieve it. Having a clear definition of success are also principles behind personal mastery.

With a vision we can identify our goals and the steps necessary to attain our goals. Then it is time to translate them into action.

If we can attain personal mastery we should be able to raise our self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-responsibility.

What it great about personal mastery is that we can recognize that we are part of a system. We know that we are able to contribute and influence through our creative ideas.

While realizing that controlling the situation or the system is impossible, we’re less likely to stress over it.

Personal mastery is something that does not happen as an accident or overnight. It requires hard work, courage, perseverance, discipline and reinforcements. It also takes faith in ourselves.

Those of us who are on the path to personal mastery should often times attend training’s, seminars, coaching and counseling sessions to make sure that what we have learned in personal mastery is not  lost again in the midst of selfishness and materialism.

Or as some would say Pay It Forward!

These principles may help searchers on their path:
• Learning how to deal with difficult and challenging situations.
• Isolating positive behaviors and feelings and working on them.
• Accepting the difficult and harsh realities of life.
• Let go of negativities like resentment and blame. (Easier said than done!)
• Understand the importance and freedom that comes with responsibility.
• Setting goals for yourself. (No easy task. See future post.)
• Identify your principles in life.
• Prioritize what is more important to you.
• Make a commitment.
• Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
• Accept imperfection and build on one’s strength.
• Feel the connection between oneself to others.
• Develop an inquisitive mind.
• Adapt and work with change.
• Visit pabloshelpdesk regularly

This should be the application of the vision, values and principles that we choose to follow.

Personal mastery can help us all understand that life is full of opportunities for expanding our vision, skills, and prosperity.



Ways to Help in Re-finding OUR PASSION!

It may be easy to say that we are ready to make certain steps in finding our passion. But once we have set our mind to do this, you will soon realize that nothing is really simple and easy when it comes to this.

There are so many things to think about and issues to be settled before it finally becomes clear what you really want to achieve.

To make sure that you will get to your goal no matter how long it takes, you should take the necessary steps to get there. The first thing that you have to fully understand is where it is you want to be.

You have to define that goal. What do you really want to achieve? At this point, you must face reality. You can’t aim to be a gold medalist in swimming when you don’t even know how to swim.

In setting your goals, it will be best if you fully understand your strengths and weaknesses. You must not be too hard on yourself by wanting something that you don’t have the capacity to attain. You should comprehend all of your limitations.

After you have defined your goals, it will be easier to plan how you are going to get there. But before you get serious with that, you have to analyze where you are now.

Are you happy with where you’re at? Because if you are, why would you still want to go on a different path?

On the other hand, if you feel like you are stuck on your current job and the circumstances where you are at, or you’re just tired of being one of the working poor. Then you no longer have to think about what you should do. This is a very good sign that you have to try something new. You have to get out of your current situation before it gets too late.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to stay in our comfort zone where we are not required to achieve. This only means that you are no longer allowing yourself to grow. And when that happens, you may lose track of the goals that you had set to achieve.

When you have reached the point that you have forgotten about what you really want to attain, you must check yourself. You need to go back to the point when you were still setting goals and wanted achieve.

Who where you back then? What did you dream of becoming and achieving at that point in your life? What were the things that made you happy and made you feel inspired?

After realizing what you may have missed, you must then think about what went wrong and what happened that caused you to get derailed, from where you really want to be.

No matter how young or how old we are, we still have chances to achieve our goals. We can still take action in finding our passion.

We can always go back to the point when we e chose to turn right when we were supposed to turn left. Go back to that point in your life. And this time, make sure that you take the right direction to where you want to be.